The Song Test (Personality Test)

I know you miss 8tracks... wait.
HEY! Feelin' a good mood! Take random songs or choose your favorite songs! :) :) Here are MINE!

1. If someone is asking you how you feel, your answer is:
So Good - B.o.B

2. How would you describe yourself? Born To Die - Lana Del Rey  

3. What do you like in a boy/girl? Young Blood - The Naked And Famous  

4. How do you feel today? Une petite cantate - Barbara  

5. What is your life goal? What I Wouldn't Do - A Fine Frenzy  

6. What's your motto? L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah and The Whale  

7. What do friends think of you? Creep - Scala and Kolacny Brothers (Radiohead cover)

 8. What do your parents think of you? La Débâcle des Sentiments - Stanislas  

9. What are you thinking of now? Midi 20 - Grand Corps Malade

 10. What colour is your favorite? Madder Red - Yeasayer  

11. What's the story of your life? Box of Stones - Benjamin Francis Leftwich  

12. How do you see your future? Ours - Taylor Swift  

13. What's the first thing you notice when looking at someone ? Le Bonheur - Berry  

14. What will be your wedding song? Unintended - Muse  

15. What will be your funeral song (creepy i know)? We are - Ana Johnsson  

16. What's making you happy? Ce n'est rien - Julien Clerc

17. What's your biggest fear? Long nights - Eddie Vedder

18. You think life is... Easy - MAI LAN  

19. What are you doing now? I Run To You - Lady Antebellum  

20. Your lover is... Jim - l'héritier des Flynn - Jean-Louis Murat  

21. When you're angry you feel like you want... Breath of Life - Florence + The Machine 

22. When you listen to a song you, your imagination is making you??.? Heart Like A Wheel - The Corrs 

23. What's your best moment in a day? The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel 

24. What part in you do you prefer? Don't Stop Believin' - Glee Cast (Journey Cover)  

25. What are you thankful for? La Mélodie - Amylie 

26. And if it were the last day on earth you would... God only Knows - The Beach Boys 

27. What's making you feel ALIVE? The Story of the Impossible - Peter Von Poehl 

28. Choose a song to shout to the world : People Help the People - Birdy 

29. Your dream job is: The Scientist - Coldplay  

30. A song from your childhood... Le Loir et la marmotte - Anne Sylvestre  

31. How would you describe yourself? Aucune personnalité - Doriand 

32. A secret about you? Je Suis Un Homme - Zazie

33. What's your mood when reading? Je Connais - Mélanie Laurent 

34. What's your mood when driving? Feeling A Moment - Feeder

35. Your wish is... Nothing - The Script 

36. Your worst enemy? Ta Douleur - Camille  

37. A body part you like? Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

 38. When you go crazy who/what/how do you think you are? Mr. Brightside - The Killers  

39. Your dream is to meet... Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits  

40. Your favorite place ? And final destination? Face à la Mer - Calogero & Not Going Anywhere - Keren Ann

(c) Tassanee


Good morning with ... #3

Today we'll wake up withHudson singing Against the Grain a very entertaining track. I'm trying to get rid of my nervous mind. Here in this hospital I try to think about a good future. Thus my morning seems to pass slowly but surely. Anxiety, fear, I fear no more. As I own my body and my mind, I must endure the good and bad things that life imposes to me. I seek for renewal. I'm looking for a new view of life - mine is as adventurous as Indiana Jones' one. Enjoy!


Musiques de Pub (Music in ads)

Hello. It's pretty hard to write blog posts on an iPhone 3GS. I think it's easier on an iPhone 5 as it is larger but is it a good cellphone anyway ? I'm happy that this week 235,450 people saw my blog and clicked on my links on my Facebook page. 130 fans!!! I'm proud. Today I decided to talk about music in advertisements ( French ads )- the first one is Rosé by The Feeling it's a track used in the advertisement for the Eau de Toilette Burberry Body.

The second track is excellent, a rapper / DJ mix by B.O.B. who sings So Good. it is for a famous brand of automobiles.

The last one is from a cellphone internet network provider SFR. The artist Mai Lan well known for her tragic song in the movie 'Sheitan' sings a very sweet song Easy

Three tracks which can be listened to separately as they are of different types of music from folk, pop, to electronic music. Enjoy.

- Written on my cellphone


Good Morning With... #2

Good morning it's the fourth time I'm going to hospital in 4 weeks ...
My expectations are ... You know? Well don't worry I've created my playlists for the occasion. I can certify it is a 100% me.

Good Morning today with :

Eddie Vedder - Long Nights in "Into the wild" soundtrack.


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